Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Strategies: Comparative Study in National Governments

Artificial intelligence strategies

Ruvalcaba-Gomez, E. A., & Garcia-Benitez, V. H. (2022). Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Strategies: Comparative Study in National Governments. In Handbook of Research on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Government Processes (pp. 55-76). IGI Global. ISBN: 9781668456248 EISBN: 9781668456255

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been inserted in a disruptive way in the various activities of human beings. The leaders in the AI techniques adoption are large companies in the private sector. However, the public sector already presents considerable advances in this field, mainly in the governments of Europe, North America, and China.

However, governments have carried out practices and actions to implement ICTs in safety, health, mobility, education, and others, found in national documents and projects on the use of AI in the public sector. These documents show the objectives, goals, and actions that the public administration plans to carry out.

This research aims to present some strategies that have been established in different countries in the field of AI in national governments, identifying their similarities and differences. Through an exploratory study, it seeks to analyze some national strategies that present innovative approaches and public policies in AI.


Strategic Axes, objectives, general principles, artificial intelligence, actions, AI national strategies, public sector, goals.