Artificial Intelligence in Innovation Labs: Map of Cases for the Public Sector

Artificial Intelligence in Innovation Labs

Sandoval-Almazan R, Millan-Vargas A. (2022) Artificial Intelligence in Innovation Labs: Map of cases for the public sector. in Handbook of Research on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Government Processs. (Coord. David-Valle Cruz) IGI-Global

Living labs are settings for open innovation that offer a collaborative platform for research, development, and experimentation in real-life contexts. The research question is: What are the characteristics of AI projects developed in innovation labs for the public sector? The authors collected data from exploring the innovation labs in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The selection of the laboratories leads to four cases: the Civic Laboratory of AI in the Netherlands, the Laboratorio de Gobierno in Chile (Government’s Lab in Chile), Secretaría de Innovación y Transformación in Argentina (Innovation and Transformation Secretary in Argentina), and the Smart Government Innovation Lab in Hong Kong. This chapter comprises five sections beginning with an introduction describing the context of artificial intelligence in the public sector and innovation labs. The second section presents a literature review with similar studies and a conceptual framework. The third section describes the methodology, and the fourth reports on the main findings. The last section contains conclusions, limitations, and future research.

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Machine Learning, Open Innovation, Innovation Labs, Public Innovation, Public Sector Labs