Teleworker Experiences in COVID-19: Insights Through Sentiment Analysis in Social Media

Teleworker Experiences in COVID-19

J. Patricia Muñoz-Chávez, David Valle-Cruz, Asdrúbal López-Chau (2022). Teleworker Experiences in #COVID-19: Insights Through Sentiment Analysis in Social Media en Pantea Keikhosrokiani and Moussa Pourya Asl (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Opinion Mining and Text Analytics on Literary Works and Social Media. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9594-7.ch016

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a critical and disruptive event that has substantially changed the way people live and work. Although several studies have examined the effects of remote work on organizational outcomes and behaviors, only a few have inquired into how its opportune implementation impacts aggregate emotions over time. This chapter aims to conduct a sentiment analysis with public reactions on Twitter about telework during the pandemic period. The results showed fluctuations in emotional polarity, starting with a higher positive charge in the early pandemic scenarios that became weaker, and the negative polarity of emotions increased. Fear, sadness, and anger were the emotions that increased the most during the pandemic. Knowledge about people’s sentiments about telework is important to complement organizational research and to complement the framework for the development of efficient telework implementation strategies.

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sentiment analysis, social media, telework, emotions, covid-19